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Types of Dispute Resolution in Indonesia

“In an attempt to accommodate specific needs of contracting parties, Indonesian law provides multiple methods of dispute resolution to ensure maximum effectivity and welfare.” In Indonesia, the methods of dispute resolution can be divided into two categories based on the forum, which is in or outside the court of justice. Subsequently, throughout this article, the […]

Preventative Measures against COVID-19 by E-court and Social Distancing

“Within the provision concerning court proceedings, SEMA 1/2020 states that cases related to civil matters, religious civil matters, and national administrative matters are encouraged to be conducted by utilizing e-litigation, or electronic court proceedings” Starting in the end of 2019, there has been an outbreak of diseases caused by the Coronavirus (“COVID-19”). On 11 March […]

Differences Between Negotiation and Mediation from Indonesia Dispute Resolution Law Perspective

“In general, alternative dispute resolution options can be grouped into two, one which uses assistance of a 3rd party and one which doesn’t. Mediation belongs to the first group, while negotiation belongs to the later.” It is commonly known that when two parties have a legal dispute, they could settle it in court. However, there […]

Latest Update on Small Claim Court Settlement Procedure

“The most significant change is could be seen on Article 1 (1) of Supreme Court Regulation 4/2019 by increasing the maximum amount of the claim to IDR 500,000,000 (five hundred million rupiahs) where it is previously set at IDR 200,000,000 (two hundred million rupiahs)” On 20 August 2019, the Supreme Court issued Regulation No. 4 […]