Month: October 2020

Legal Compliance for E-Commerce Company

”The Parties that conduct E-Commerce activity has legal compliance including specific license, namely SIUPMSE, obligation to have Electronic System Provider Certificate, use an Indonesian domain name (dot id), and so forth.” To face the growth of Electronic Commerce (“E-Commerce”) activity in Indonesia, Indonesia Government has issued the Government Regulation No. 80 of 2019 on Commerce […]

Types of Business Activities Covered by Web Portal

“As a relatively recent business field in Indonesia, the operation of Web Portal has not been thoroughly or specifically regulated. However, considering the enormous scope of the business field, multiple laws and regulations apply to the business field of Web Portal by inference.” In Indonesia, business fields are regulated in a standard classification. In an […]

Financial Technology on Payment System in Indonesia

“In according to PBI 19/2017, payment system includes activities of authorization, clearance, final settlement, and payment.” Financial Technology (“Fintech”) is innovation in the financial sector that can impact on monetary stability, financial system stability, and/or efficiency, fluency, security and reliability of the payment system. In connection with those impacts and to support Fintech innovation with […]