Month: December 2020

Dealing with an Employment Agreement Based on Omnibus Law

“Promulgated earlier this year, the Omnibus Law has brought considerable changes in most areas of Indonesian law. One of the most significant changes made effective is the amendment of the Manpower Law. However, as of now, such amendment cannot be completely implemented, considering there have been multiple matters that have been left vague.” Following the […]

Management Consultancy Business in Indonesia

“KBLI 2020 has classified management consultancy business activity in category “702” which cover advice activity, instruction and operational assistance for business or organization in various management issues.” Management consultancy business is one of the economic activities that classified in Regulation of Indonesian Central Bureau Statistic No. 2 of 2020 on Standard Indonesian Business Field Classifications […]

Guideline of Creating a Business Plan for Fintech Lending Industry by OJK

The OJK through SEOJK 21/2020 mentioned specific aspects on creating a business plan for fintech lending company, including an evaluation of business plan in the previous period that has been established on 6 November 2020 and comes into force on the same date

Renewable Energy Law in Indonesia

“The current existing laws are mostly focused on utilization of renewable energy as sources of electrical power and fuel (bioenergy)” Presently, Indonesia does not have specific regulation on renewable energy. Indonesia is still looking forward to The House of Representative’s deliberation of renewable energy bill, as the part of priority of national legislative program 2020. […]