Month: October 2019

Clustering Business Model on Financial Technology Company

“OJK accommodates business model of Financial Technology Company in Regulatory Sandbox. The cluster business model is financial aggregator, credit scoring, claim service handling, digital dire, financial planner, financing agent, funding agent, online distress solution, online gold depository, project financing, social network and robo advisor, block-chain based, verification non-cdd, tax and accounting, and E-Know Your Customer.” […]

Legal Due Diligence in Capital Market

“Legal Due Diligence in Capital Market is required to expose the complete material facts on the issuer or public company so that the investor (shareholders) can acquire a clear understanding of the company or transaction objects and the action that it is about to take.” Corporate action is a term often used in Capital Market. […]

KBLI Adjustment Obligation: The Arising Issue

“There is news that spreads around business actors that if a company does not adjust their purposes and objectives of the company within 1 (one) year after the joint announcement date of issuance, there will be a sanction that would be imposed to them in the form of business identification number freezing.” Ministry of Law […]

Legal Due Diligence on E-Money Registration

“Legal Due Diligence is required in the E-Money Registration to ensure the legal aspect of the company establishment, not in default, no petition for bankruptcy or suspension of debt payment obligations, and others compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations.” Bank of Indonesia Regulation No. 20/6/PBI/2018 on Electronic Money requires the Company to submit a […]

Digital Financial Innovation Registration for Financial Technology Industries

“OJK Infinity accommodates a financial technology (fintech) industries with providing Digital Financial Innovation registration before they apply for specific types of Fintech License.” Term “Fintech” or Financial Technology is something that has been commonly heard of by now, as more and more companies are implementing web/apps-based technology to support their business. However, just like every […]

Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Indonesia

“The above mentioned law and principles are expected to protect the public interest (investing public) from harmful and illegal practices and ensure the Indonesia’s Capital Market conducted in an orderly and fair manner.” Public Offering: What to know Public Offering in Indonesia is governed by Law Number 8 of 1995 on Capital Market (“Capital Market […]