Month: September 2020

Merger and Acquisition: Legal Perspective in Corporate Actions

“In Indonesia, companies are entitled to endure company restructuration, including Merger and Acquisition. While these corporate actions may solely derive from a business strategy, there are multiple legal aspects that must not be overlooked.” Pursuant to the Law No. 40 of 2007 concerning Limited Liability Company (“Company Law”), Merger is defined as a legal action […]

The Obligation of E-Commerce to Have a Representative Office

“Ministry of Trade issued Ministry of Trade Regulation No. 50 of 2020 to regulate merchant, electronic service provider, and intermediary services (business actors) both inside and outside Indonesia which conducts/facilitates trade via electronic means (e-commerce) (“Permendag 50/2020”) mentioned that for an overseas electronic service provider which conducted transaction/shipping, i.e. more than 1.000 transaction/shipping annually, they […]

Procedure Consumer Due Diligence for Fintech Company

“Customer Due Diligence (CDD) is activities conducted by Financial Service Provider to ensure thetransaction by the profile, characteristic, and/or transaction patterns of customers.” Customer Due Diligence (CDD) is activities (identification, verification, and monitoring) that conducted by Financial Service Provider (“Penyedia Jasa Keuangan” or “PJK”) to ensure the transaction in accordance with the profile, characteristic, and/or […]

An Update on The Affiliation Transaction and Conflict of Interest

“The OJK through POJK 42/2020 amended the prior regulation as defined in Regulation of Bapepam-LK (“Badan Pengawasan Pasar Modal dan Lembaga Keuangan” or “Bapepam-LK”) Number IX.E.1 of 2009 on Affiliation Transaction and Specific Conflict of Interest Transaction.” On July 2020, Financial Services Authority (“Otoritas Jasa Keuangan” or “OJK”) has stipulated Regulation of OJK No. 42/POJK.04/2020 […]

Intellectual Property Rights in the Medical Industry

“In a sector heavily based on research and development, business actors in the medical industry must be able to distinguish each type of intellectual property rights to protect their interest properly.” As a sector dedicated to resolving health problems, the medical industry is heavily based on scientific research and development. Considering how it is expected […]