Investment Regulatory & Corporate Secretarial


Investment Regulatory – Because of its natural resources and other comparative advantages, Indonesia has become one of Asia’s most prospective emerging markets, this condition has attracted both domestic and foreign investors to implement their investment activities here. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) welcomes in Indonesia, however, there are some limitation and complexity when it deals with law and regulation of foreign investments.

We believe that one of the key factors of successful investment plan is investors comprehensive understanding of Indonesian investment regulatory law aspect, therefore, valid, reliable and updated information on law and regulation will plays a significant impact to determine client successful investment plan.

We have smoothly advice, assisted and implemented client’s investment plan and commercial objective in accordance with the prevailing law and regulation here in Indonesia, from information technologies, consumer goods to heavy machinery industry sectors.

Our in-depth legal analysis and advice which we deliver on a simple, efficient and straight forward approach, has been acknowledged and affirmed by our clients. We also handle from indirect ownership arrangements to the establishment of representative offices.