Capital Market & Financial Services


Capital Market & Financial Services – Because of its impact to the national economy and stability, banking and financial sector is one of the most highly regulated sectors in Indonesia. Legal awareness and compliance play an important role for companies to maintain the success of their business existence in this sector.

Our lawyer familiars with the complexity, rigidness and wide legal aspect when it comes to banking and financial sector. We advise and assist many of our clients from cross border transaction, offshore loan, debt structuring to financial technology legal aspect.

We also have successfully advised and represent clients when it comes to establishing their financial sector business here in Indonesia from money remittance to financial technology (fintech) business.

We believe and understands the importance of in-depth legal knowledge combines with transaction process knowledge, nonetheless we also believe that attention to detail and strict timeline plays a significant impact in this sector, therefore our professional approach is to provide you with responsive, detail and efficient legal service.